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About Corey Spins

In the early ’70s, my parents bought a killer stereo system. We had a lot of albums in the house.

I wasn’t allowed to touch the turntable by myself, but my parents slept on the top floor of our house, and the stereo was on the first floor. So early in the morning, I’d sneak into the rec room, don those big headphones, and drop the needle on a record. I tried to carefully put everything back the way it was. To this day, I don’t know if my parents knew. But I was hooked.

In the early ’80s, while in middle school, I worked every job I could find. My goal: buy a turntable and start collecting my own vinyl. I joined one of those mail-order record clubs, which started my collection off with 6 records. That included Rush, The Police, The Cars, Dire Straits, and The Who. I ended up buying a floor display model of one of those all-in-one stereos – a Panasonic – with a turntable, tape deck, and two lousy speakers. It was my first negotiation with a salesperson – I told him “$150 max” (that’s all I had, but they wanted $200). He had to figure out how to set the price so the sales tax didn’t cause it to go above $150.

I carried that turntable with me to college and to my first home, before finally having the money to buy a real setup.

Today, my LP collection includes over 1,100 vinyl records. During the dark CD years, unable to purchase vinyl during that time (as it was unavailable), I bought around 4,000 CDs. To think that my LP collection could be around 5,000 right now makes me sad. Thankfully, vinyl has made a strong return, allowing me to keep on the quest of filling the house up with Ikea shelves loaded with LPs (and hoping to avoid any more moves).

In 2014, some coworkers of mine asked me to create this site (they even suggested “Corey Spins” as the name). I was so busy, I never got the chance. This project nagged me for years, so in 2019 I finally found the time to do it. This is all about celebrating my favorite albums in my collection, discussing them with you, and discovering records you recommend as well.

Let’s see how this goes!

If you’re on Discogs, I’d love to connect with you! You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and my website.