Khruangbin and Leon Bridges: Texas Moon

The perfect collaboration from a band that sounds like they’ve been together forever.

Khruangbin and Leon Bridges: Texas MoonI discovered Khruangbin when I shared this video on No Treble in 2018, and I was instantly hooked. There was just something different about this band. In the years since I’ve collected everything they’ve released on vinyl.

In 2020, Khruangbin teamed up with Leon Bridges to release the EP, Texas Sun. I wasn’t familiar with Bridges’ work, unfortunately, but I was instantly drawn to the combined sound.

Two years later, the group teamed up again to release a follow-up EP. Texas Moon offers another (more subdued) sound altogether from the previous release. Bridges calls it “more introspective” while Khruangbin bassist Laura Lee says it “feels more night time.”

Their press release goes on to say more:

“Crediting their mutual home state for inspiration, ‘Texas Moon’ pensively examines Texas’ musical perception, while paying homage to the marriage of country and R&B that’s become synonymous with the lone star state.”

Lee added more context:

“It’s like a short story… And it leaves room to continue having these stories together. It’s not Khruangbin, it’s not Leon, it’s this world we created together.”

I like the idea of future stories happening from this group.

I’m hard-pressed to share my favorite track of the five, but “Mariella” sounds so good spinning on my turntable:

Listen to Texas Sun and then Texas Moon. It is the perfect combo, almost like flipping a vinyl record over to transform from one mood to the next.

Now I’m off to explore the music of Leon Bridges…