Faces: A Nod Is As Good As a Wink... to a Blind Horse

A perfect album from the golden years of vinyl.

I recently heard a Faces song and it took me down the rabbit hole. I ended up spinning (more than once) my old copy of A Nod Is As Good As a Wink… to a Blind Horse, which I consider their best effort. This was the band’s third album (second released in 1971), and they were clearly hitting their stride. From Wikipedia:

“Generally regarded as the Faces’ definitive statement, and the most consistent, balanced album of the group’s career in terms of songwriting and of mood, thanks largely to the decision to share production duties with Glyn Johns. The album features two ballads and a Chuck Berry cover among its cast of bluesy rockers and rollicking bar-room swing-alongs. Bassist Ronnie Lane, often left frustrated by the division of vocal duties in the band sang lead on three of his own contributions (one co-written with keyboardist Ian McLagan), including the examination of father-son relationships, ‘Debris’.”

I found Ronnie Lane’s take on the vocals interesting, and his song, “Debris,” (with him on lead vocals) is my favorite on the record:

Of course, the album is probably best known for the hit tune, “Stay with Me,” co-written by Lane and Rod Stewart.

While I’ve listened to this album in digital format, I’m reminded of the great era of records on vinyl whenever I spin it. Those cracks and pops bring all the nostalgia. This record was meant to be listened to in this format for sure. It also brings back memories of riding around in our family van in the early ’70s, listening to all the great music of the time on our AM radio. Great road music.